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Smart lighting management system helps city energy saving

Datetime: 2019-10-25 00:03:23    Views: 720

Smart lighting can also be called smart public lighting management platform, intelligent street light or smart street light. It is based on the use of professional, efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology to realize remote centralized control system and management method for street lamps. It has the functions of automatically adjusting brightness according to the traffic flow system, remote lighting control, fault active alarm, lamp cable anti-theft alarm, intelligent meter reading, etc., which can greatly save power resources, simplify public lighting management efficiency, and save maintenance costs.

In the case of insufficient energy, the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more serious, and national and local governments strongly call for energy conservation and emission reduction and green lighting, effective control of energy consumption, improvement of street lamp life, and reduction of maintenance and management method costs are the construction of modern performance-oriented society. The goal is the inevitable goal of urban intelligent construction.

Current problems in the smart campus lighting management system:

1. Manual, light control, clock control: susceptible to the season, the natural environment of the weather and human influence, not bright when it is always bright, not extinguished when it is not extinguished, resulting in energy waste and financial burden.

2. It is not possible to modify the on/off time remotely: it is impossible to calibrate and modify the on/off time according to the actual situation (change of weather, major events, festivals), and it is impossible to dim the LED light, and it is impossible to achieve secondary environmental protection and energy saving.

3. There is no street lamp status monitoring: the fault is mainly caused by the patrol personnel reporting and citizen complaints, lack of initiative, timeliness and reliability, and can not monitor the running status of the street lights in real time, accurately and comprehensively.

4. Manual inspection: The management method department has no unified arrangement ability, and can only adjust according to the switchboard, which is time-consuming and increases the possibility of human error.

5. The device is easy to lose, the fault cannot be located: the cable is stolen and cut off, the lamp is stolen and the open circuit cannot be accurately found. Once this happens, it will bring huge economic losses and affect the normal life and travel safety of citizens.

Advantages of Smart Public Lighting APP Management System:

1. Intelligent management method

The intelligent public lighting management platform has comprehensive and simplified street lamp intelligent control functions, providing more efficient management methods and maintenance methods for street lamp management personnel, mainly as follows:

1) Real-time monitoring

It can illuminate and dim the street lights of any one, one or any custom group.

2) Map monitoring

Provide GIS positioning, locate each street light and display it on the map, and switch the street lights on the map to make the management method of the street lamp very convenient.

3) Video surveillance

It can automatically detect whether there is any vehicle passing on the road. It can automatically adjust the brightness of street lighting according to the situation, carry out statistics on vehicle quantity, environmental protection and energy saving rate, manage video information, and turn on or off the monitoring function for the road section.

4) Active alarm

Specific nodes actively report overloads, underloads, and other failures. At the same time, they have a pressure loss alarm function. Support to send alarm information through SMS, email, etc., to provide accurate street lamp fault location and accurate and effective equipment theft judgment basis for street lamp management department. Thereby eliminating the complicated inspection work of the street lamp management department and reducing the economic loss caused by street lamp failure and equipment theft.

5) Support for multiple terminals

Support remote operation of mobile terminal based on Android system software, and use control commands such as switch lights and dimming on terminals such as tablet computers and mobile phones.

6) Environmental protection and energy saving statistical report

The current and voltage can be counted and queried, and the system automatically counts the environmental protection and energy saving rate to form an environmental protection and energy saving analysis report.

2, efficient environmental protection and energy saving

According to the time-sharing brightness control, combined with the vehicle induction technology, it can save 78.73% on the basis of sodium lamp; it can also achieve the second environmental protection and energy saving on the basis of LED lights, and the environmental protection and energy saving rate is between 35% and 40%.

3, stable and reliable

The communication mechanism and software and hardware platform of the management platform have a unique embedded system design and high system reliability. The stability and reliability of the products are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

1) Using power carrier communication technology, it is cheaper and more reliable than wireless communication methods such as ZigBee;

2) The centralized controller kernel firmware adopts dual backup, and the device firmware failure can be repaired by itself;

3) The centralized controller has the automatic calibration function of the network clock system, which can operate accurately without relying on the server for many years;

4) The software platform based on cloud computing infrastructure has the advantages of high reliability and load balancing.